Build your own (101)

Building your own hackspace cluster has never been easier. We tried to simplify the process as much as possible and take away the overhead when it comes to creating an online presence for your cluster. Either as an individual or as part of a team, you can lead and operate a hackspace cluster by following the 4-step process as described below. You do not necessarily need a physical space to start a hackspace cluster (as it can consist of a virtual team working over the Internet), but if you do have one, it makes things much easier for everyone (for people to find it, and for you to expand it).

Once you have a team in place for your cluster, you can start arranging cluster meetings at a public place in your local area, or choose a meeting venue in your area each time the cluster meets, or if you have your very own dedicated space you can start building your cluster.

From the moment you register your cluster with us, we will provide you with a subdomain URL (using your cluster's name) and build your Cluster's profile page based on the information you will provide. For example, let's assume that you want to name your cluster: example

In that case, the URL will become your cluster's profile page, and you will be added to the "Map of Clusters" as well. We will also provide you with your own email address for your cluster: [example] hackspace gr

This allows all visitors to be able to find more information about all the clusters in one place as a centralised directory of Clusters without all the extra work like having to buy a domain, get hosting space, build a website, set up SSL, administer email access, etc. Of course you are more than welcome to have your own website if you want. In that case we will activate the Visit Cluster button on your Cluster's profile that will be linked to your website.

Step One

Look at our "Map of Clusters" in order to locate any cluster(s) already registered in your local area. In that case you can simply find the contact information on our website and join that particular cluster(s).

On the other hand, if you still want to build and operate your own cluster, then you will need to know:
a) the area that is going to be based (so, we can add you to our map) and
b) decide a valid name* for your cluster. (* see: "House Rules")

Once you have that information ready, decide which people (1 up to 4) are going to be responsible for operating and leading that cluster, because we will need to know their contact details.

Before moving to Step 2 make sure you read first our "Code-of-Conduct" for operating a hackspace cluster. If you agree with our "Code-of-Conduct" then you are ready to move to Step 2.

Step Two

You will need to fill-in an online form (LINK WILL BE PROVIDED HERE) with all the details about your cluster and the operators. This process ensures that you have all the necessary information provided when you apply to register a new Cluster with Hackspace GRC.

If the information you submitted through the online form is complete and there are no other issues* with your application (* according to the: "House Rules") we will email you to let you know if your request has been approved or rejected. Before submitting your application you will also be asked you to confirm that you agree with our "Term & Conditions" which will be listed in the application form itself.

As we are a community based non-profit foundation we cannot simply handle hundreds of requests, and of course there is a cost for running the whole process behind the scenes. Once your application is approved, you will be:
a) asked to verify your intention to build the cluster
b) asked to donate € 60 to to initiate the registration process.
Your donation will register your cluster for 2 years. After the first two years, you will need to maintain an annual subscription with hackspace GRC (see: "Donate Options")

You will need to proceed to the donation option of your choice within five (5) working days from the day you were informed your application was approved, otherwise, if another team (cluster) wants to claim the name you chose for your cluster, they will be allowed to do so. In that case, you will need to go through the application process again with a new Cluster name.

Step Three

Once we receive your donation we will initiate the creation process of the subdomain for your cluster (usually within 24-48 hours) based on the information you provided in your application form. Please Note: Your cluster name is unique, and it cannot be altered or changed once it is registered with us, without going through the registration process again (as it will be a different application for a different cluster name).

You will be contacted by email and you will be given access to your new cluster's email (i.e. [example] hackspace gr). This email will become our official way for communicating with you (as the operator of the cluster), and for your cluster to officially communicate with its members.

From that point onwards you are part of a big community-based project and we will help you build, lead, operate your cluster. We will make sure your cluster stays active, people are able to find the information they need, and ensure that all clusters stay up-to-date with the latest events.

As part of the Hackspace GRC clusters, we will do online webinars (for operators and members), we will do talks and trainings, workshops, and we will invite people to present their work at conferences. We will have physical and online meetings, and we will invest the money from the donations back to our clusters and the running costs.

By being part of and you have a project idea, you get access to numerous like-minded individuals who might not only be willing to help you with your project, but they might want to participate and/or contribute to your project and make it a reality. Consequently, by being part of the clusters you open the door or endless possibilities when it comes to project participation and knowledge sharing.

Step Four

Make sure there is a process in place for keeping an inventory. This is primarily for you in order to know what you have and what you need. Also, in the event of a cluster being transferred to a different operator it is easier to keep track of what has been given/donated to that particular cluster.

As we are looking for several bodies to sponsor & donate all sorts of equipment, books, etc. Thus, we will be sending equipment and resources to all our clusters throughout the year.

Make sure you have fun and enjoy participating in a Hackspace GRC Cluster.